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We recommend taking a taxi from the airport to the hotel.
Taxi sites are located at Terminal 1, door number 1 of national arrivals and exits 9 and 10 of international arrivals. At terminal 2 taxi sites are located at door 3 of international arrivals and door 4 of national arrivals. In both terminals, taxi tickets are sold at the baggage carousel area and in front of the doors for authorized taxis.

Authorized companies: Prho Taxi, Sitio 300, Nueva Imagen, Casadey, Excelencia, Porto Taxi and Yellow Cab.


In Mexico City, we recommend using Uber and/or Cabify, or taxis affiliated with hotels.


Roma, Condesa Coyoacán, Santa Fe, Interlomas and Polanco are safe and trendy neighborhoods for evening or night plans.
Try to avoid solitary places and to move in groups. If you have any doubts, you can consult the TOURISM site in this same web page or the hotel concierge.
In Mexico almost all purchases can be done with credit cards, therefore you do not need to carry large amounts of cash.
In case of any emergency call 911